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Design de Valeur Shower Caddy

Stylish and multifunctional shower caddy

If you are an avid gym-goer or a travel enthusiast you are probably aware of how annoying it is to carry your shower accessories from the locker to the shower and back, not to mention drying and packing all the essentials.

What if we told you that we have a perfect product to eliminate this needless hassle? Meet the DV Shower Caddy – the perfect shower companion for your washing needs on the go.

Pack it all

Pack all your necessities with ease
Pack all your necessities with ease

The mesh caddy allows you to store your shower gels, conditioners, shampoos, razors and other items easily in one place so you can hang all your necessities easily on the shower. And don’t worry about the caddy getting wet as the structure of the bag is designed to dry very quickly.

Quick dry

Dries very quickly
Dries very quickly

The bag is designed to dry very quickly, plus it also lets air to circulate inside the bag to allow drying the items inside as well. The bag itself is made of durable Oxford cloth and polyester mesh which is extremely sturdy yet light and breathable. This makes it easy to pack all your stuff after taking a shower without any hassle.

Exquisite design

Eye-catching design
Eye-catching design

In addition to the technical aspects we have put great emphasis on the design to make the bag extremely functional yet equally dashing. It will surely turn some heads wherever you use it because we at DV Lifestyle we know how to appreciate well-made and good-looking products as opposed to the bland and often low-quality items that tend to dominate the market these days.



The shower caddy can be used pretty much everywhere – whether you are taking a scenic hike, a refreshing swim in the sea or a pool, a relaxing vacation in a hotel or perhaps after a vitalizing work-out. It is equally useful in co-living spaces like a dorm, or perhaps even in the military.

Perfect size

Very convenient to pack and carry
Very convenient to pack and carry


The caddy has two pockets to separate larger bottles from smaller items and it is sized perfectly at 11.8 x 11 inches to fit your gym bag or luggage. It should fit all your necessities while not being overly clumsy. The zipper ensures that your items won’t fall out under any circumstances – no more loose shower gels floating around in your bag!

So, it’s time to get yourself one of our eye-catching caddies and save yourself from the hassle of juggling and packing messy and wet shower gels. We are certain that it will make your life easier!

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