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About The Design de Valeur

All great things start with an idea and this story is no exception. Design de Valeur was created in 2015 to breach the gap between high end products and cheap knock-offs.


Design de Valeur aims to produce superior lifestyle accessories for men and women.

Our products are made from high-end materials assuring the top-notch quality of our products so you never have to worry about inconsistent quality. But quality alone isn’t always enough, which is why we take the design of our products very seriously as we know that our clients are exceptional!


The first product we developed was our belt, and it took a while to strike the right balance between superb quality and affordable pricing. After the successful launch of our first product we quickly started developing ideas for new products to pursue our original vision.

Since then we have launched several new items across different categories in pursuit of our original goal, which is to create eye-catching products with superior quality whilst remaining affordable. We hope to continue developing products that meet your high demands.


I am grateful that you have taken the time to read the story behind Design de Valeur and I truly hope that you enjoy our products just as much as we do.



We aim to produce high-quality lifestyle accessories made with the utmost care.

Our Product

Have a look at our range to choose the product you have been looking for and get ready to be impressed!

Mens Belt Leather


Mens Belt Leather


Mens Belt Leather


Best Gift for Men

If you are looking for a unique gift for your loved ones, you have come to the right place! The devil is in the detail which is why we have put great effort into our product design and packaging to produce a luxurious gift suitable for every occasion.

Our Articles

See below to find useful information about our products. Knowing how the products are manufactured and what to look out for will certainly alter your purchasing habits!

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Stylish and multifunctional shower caddy

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What Users Says​

As reviews are the main source of information most people tend to rely on when making purchasing decisions these days we thought it best to let some of our customers do the talking for us.


I’m so impressed by the quality of this belt, normally convertible belts are not that attractive but this one is super functional and is very well made. Both colors are absolutely beautiful, and the buckle is very eye-catching. Great designer looking belt for the price, should go with most of my husband’s wardrobe. Goes with either casual or dressy pants. I love that it came in a nice box and dust bag with a certificate of authenticity as well.


When I received this belt I was positively surprised, I expected to get a good quality product. But this one exceeded my expectations – I wouldn’t call it quality item, I would call it a luxury item. It’s the small details that matter – the engravings on the back and side of the buckle, sample leather pieces, silk back and individual serial number of the product. I’m definitely satisfied with this belt and I guess It would make a great gift if anyone out there is looking for a present for a friend, boyfriend or husband.


One of the best belts I have ever purchased. Love the way it latches, fits, and looks. Very stylish and chic. I recommend this belt to anyone who loves fashion and wants an amazing belt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions are set out below but if these weren’t helpful in finding an answer to your question please let us know and we would be more than happy to help you out!

The belt is made from full-grain leather also known as top layer leather that is very comfortable to wear. It is extremely durable, maintaining its original look for years to come. The coloured coating is made from natural resin produced in Italy.

Full-grain leather products can last for decades and some products can last even for a lifetime if properly cared for. The life span of leather products depends largely on maintenance.

You can easily adjust the length of our leather belt but this only works within the belt’s size range. You should not trim the belt but you may punch new holes using various methods (proper hole puncher being the best option). Alternatives include a pocket knife, scratch awl, nail, power drill or round drive punch.

The belt has two colors because it is reversible meaning that you can flip the buckle and use either of the two color options depending on your outfit. Some people like to match the tone of the leather to what they are wearing.

The width of the belt is 1.34 inches or 34mm.

The belt thickness is 4mm or 0.16’’.

Yes, the belt is a perfect match for every outfit, it is ideal for everyday wear as well as festive occasions.

The buckle is made of type 314 stainless steel – a high-grade material. It is anti-allergenic and corrosion-resistant which makes it more durable than alloy-based buckles.


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